What Makes a Good Seller’s Agent in the Bay Area?

What Makes a Good Seller’s Agent in the Bay Area?

  • Cheryl Spence
  • 07/5/18
Whether you’ve been a long-time resident of the Bay Area, or a job change brought you to this beautiful region, you’re likely familiar with one of the most unique real estate markets in the country. The advent of technology and its having found firm ground in San Jose, San Francisco, and the Bay area in general has created a real estate market ripe with big changes over the last few decades. San Francisco is now one of the most expensive markets in the U.S., as well as one of the most sought-after regions for investment properties, and supply is often short and competition is high. While this situation may bode extremely well for sellers, it does bring its own set of challenges for those desiring a smooth closing and getting the most out of one’s investment. A conscientious agent, one who’s truly looking out for their client’s interests, will be well-prepared.

A Similar Experience

If you’re looking for an agent, how will you know if you’ve found a good one? The obvious great place to start is to ask around. A referral from a trusted friend or colleague who’s had a solid, well-managed experience from an agent representing the sale of their home is always a good sign. If their property or home was similar to yours in value and other factors such as location or a fixer-upper, then you may want to sit down with their realtor for a more lengthy interview. And then prepare your questions ahead of time. While you’ll likely get a good feel as to whether there is a rapport between you and your agent, it’s the questions you ask that will give you more facts to back up your initial instincts.


Where to start? Begin with questions about their experience selling homes in your city and neighborhood. A solid familiarity with the location and its comparable offerings, gives your agent a firm grasp on just the right balance of pricing, staging, and property enhancements needed to get your house sold quickly and at the best offer. In other words, they should have a pulse on a typical buyers’ preferences and what they may need in order to get the most out of your home investment. A good agent will conduct a thorough inventory of your home’s unique features and upgrades so that these factors are not glossed over by comparable market data. Sites such as Zillow or Trulia can provide a ballpark but if used alone the data can often come up short in pinpointing the true value of your home.


It’s definitely worthwhile asking about an agent’s relationships with other professionals who have a part to play in the real estate transaction process. Do they have a network of contractors they feel comfortable with if your home is needing some upgrades or renovations? Managing a crew of contractors to move through the fixes and enhancements to a property while balancing the needs of timing for all parties can reduce a significant amount of stress for you, in addition to ensuring the upgrades are done properly.

Is your realtor connected to the community of appraisers, title companies, and underwriters who often have an integral part to play in ensuring a successful closing? Ask the agent to share in more detail about how they approach these specific areas and how they prepare ahead of time. If an agent can explain the intricacies involved in the process and how these important aspects can make or break a sale, then you know you’ve found a good one.

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