Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage

  • Cheryl Spence
  • 07/31/18

You’ve decided to make a move to sell your home. Your realtor can list your home, market it, have open houses, all of which are great. You want potential buyers to come and see it. They want to see your home, but if it’s cluttered, dishes in the sink, bathrooms not so inviting, you likely won’t get many offers or the kind of offers you’re looking for.

This is where staging comes in. Your realtor can help you with the particulars of making your home look its best using their expertise or by hiring a professional. Folks who come to see your home want it to appear as a comfortable and inviting place that they could see themselves living in. So, it’s a must to present the space in its most appealing state. We’ve gathered a few articles that pinpoint why staging is so important, and also some tips for getting started and more importantly, how it can affect the price and amount of time it takes to sell your home.




Below are a few examples of beautifully staged homes. You’ll notice the neutral colors and the furniture fitting the room to create its own space; not overstated or flamboyant; the appeal of your property is essential in showing your home to prospective buyers.

Note: Don’t forget about the outdoors and how it makes the first impression to potential buyers. If it’s unmowed and landscaping is deflated, that could spell trouble.

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