An inspiringly lovely town where the quaint charm and vibrant history are palpable.

Welcome to Tiburon

An inspiringly lovely town where the quaint charm and vibrant history are palpable
Dazzling waterfront living is just the beginning of the allure of Tiburon, the radiant town nestled on the peninsula of the same name. Tiburon Peninsula is also home to the city of Belvedere, which emanates a sophisticated European vibe. Both towns have a tangible charm amplified by the presence of majestic views of the San Francisco skyline. 
First inhabited by Native Americans and carrying a 200-plus year history, modern-day Tiburon wasn’t incorporated officially until 1967. From its early industrial and shipping beginnings, Tiburon has been revitalized into a frequently traversed vacation destination and an enviable residential town. Surrounded by the phenomenal beauty of the San Francisco Bay, quaint shops and restaurants line the downtown area like little gems.
Residential real estate prices in Tiburon are a direct reflection of just how desirable the homes are, perched on the coastal hilltops with nearly 360-degree vistas that include the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay, and Mount Tamalpais. Private gated estates, regal mansions, and magnificent Mediterranean homes are all common in the large market of multimillion-dollar properties here.

What to Love

  • Taking the Tiburon Ferry from the Terminal to San Francisco
  • Plentiful boutique shopping and high-end dining
  • Idyllic coastal atmosphere with nearby big-city amenities

People & Lifestyle

Tiburon residents spend their afternoons sipping on artisan coffee by the water, strolling along trails of picturesque parks, exploring new flavors of world-class wine, and savoring the little joys of life. More than just a tourist destination, Tiburon is a respite from the hum-drum of day-to-day life, where every moment is a chance to experience amazement.

Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment

Tiburon's charisma extends to its busy shopping district, much of which is centered around the Historic Ark Row. Tucked on Main Street at the base of Corinthian Island, this energetic stretch of shops ranges from niche specialty stores to upscale fashion boutiques. Less than a five-minute walk from this retail area, the Corinthian Yacht Club houses a waterfront restaurant and is the go-to for Marin County yachters and boat enthusiasts. 
In the mood for a decadent Italian meal? Downtown Tiburon is a veritable trove of tremendous cuisine and includes restaurants such as Luna Blue, located right in the heart of downtown. The environment here is undeniably romantic, and all the food is created by an authentic Italian master chef to bring out the best of the country’s bold flavors. Renowned for their fresh seafood, Sam’s Anchor Cafe is a community staple that residents can count on to serve up extraordinary eats.

Things to Do

Perhaps the biggest allure that draws visitors and residents to Tiburon is the bounty of lush natural scenery and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Find yourself transported back into time by hiking the trails at the ancient-feeling Angel Island. The ancient, primordial trees and dense vegetation here have been present through great periods of history dating back to the earliest native Miwok tribe.
Facilitating a truly picture-perfect moment for every visitor, the “Hippie Tree” of the city is set atop a mammoth hill with a long branch that extends out towards Angel Island. The swing on the branch allows for panoramic views of the islands and Bay area and is known mostly only by locals. 
Blackie’s Pasture — named for a legendary local horse — is another favorite. This gorgeous waterfront park consists of several grassy, flat fields that are perfect for biking, strolling, picnicking, and soaking in the fantastic vistas. The aptly named Paradise Beach Park is a 19-acre oasis with enviable views, popular for its ideal swimming conditions and shaded lawns.


Tiburon is home to several excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:
  • Reed Elementary School, K-2, well-rated public elementary school
  • Bel Aire Elementary School, 3-5, highly rated public elementary school
  • Del Mar Middle School, 6-8, one of the top public middle schools in Marin County


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